The pre-launch for Chalk Couture Canada is happening now!! Find out how you can get pre-registered, start building a team & grow your Chalk Couture Business.

Have you heard the news!!!  Y’all….Chalk Couture is pre-launching in Canada!  This is HUGE!  But what’s even bigger is that Chalk Couture Canada has opened up pre-registration to those who qualify.  BUT, what does that mean?  Let’s go over some basics about the Chalk Couture Canada Pre-Launch AND talk about how you can get pre-registered today!!

Chalk Couture is coming to Canada!! Pre-Launch pre-registration is happening now & you have the chance to build a team early! Jump over to my blog for the information you need to know about Chalk Couture Canada! #rusticorchardhome #chalkcouture #workfromhome #canada #chalkcouturebusiness

Chalk Couture Canada Pre-Launch FAQs:

  • What is “pre-registration”? Since Chalk Couture has not yet officially launched in Canada, potential designers need to pre-register.  When you pre-register you are telling Chalk Couture that you have an interest in becoming a designer once the official enrollment opens up.  Since this is a pre-launch, there is no cost for pre-registration.  Your pre-registration is also not legally binding.
  • What happens when I “pre-register”?  Once you pre-register, you will receive a Temporary ID.  This ID can be used to start building a team structure immediately.  
  • Is there support provided to those who pre-register?  Yes, Chalk Central has you covered.  Once you become pre-registered, you will be added to a private Facebook Group.  This group will give you all the information you need to get started on your Chalk Couture journey.  Expect to find information about product, policies and procedures, websites, ordering and more!  There will also be LIVE training, calls and email support for those who pre-register.
  • Are there limitations to who can “pre-register”?  Pre-registration is currently only open residents of British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan.

Pre-Register to become a Chalk Couture Canada pre-launch candidate HERE!  And use MY Designer ID #1151 to be on my team!!

Another Chalk Couture Canada question I’ve gotten a lot is:

  • When will I be able to purchase Chalk Couture in Canada?  Chalk Couture products will be available in Canada once the company has officially launched there.  This is expected to happen in March 2019.

Do you have more questions about the pre-launch of Chalk Couture in Canada?  If so, feel free to send me a message on Facebook!  I have a passion for helping women achieve their dreams of growing a creative business.  Chalk Couture can do that for you, just as it’s done for me!  Why not start your journey today?  If you are in Canada, get pre-registered NOW!  If you are in the US,  you can start as a Designer now.  Either way, I’d love to guide you on your journey!

You can always get in on the latest scoop by joining my VIP Group on Facebook!  I add information about all the latest Chalk Couture products, business opportunities and even offer some VIP deals.  Claim your spot in my VIP Group by clicking HERE!

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