Learn how to create an adorable DIY Hand Painted Church! Anyone can create a beautiful piece of farmhouse home decor with this tutorial!

Who doesn’t love a simple, fast and super pretty DIY?!?!  This DIY Hand Painted Church is all of those things and it’s something you can also totally be creative with!  Learn how to create it below and also how to make it into a sign using the easiest DIY Home Decor supplies I’ve ever tried.  Let’s get started!!

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DIY Hand Painted Church Supplies:

DIY Hand Painted Church Tutorial:

  • To begin, you will create the sky portion of the painting by dipping one side of your round brush into the color Cotton and the other in The Gulf.  Once your brush is loaded with the paint, use a swirling motion to add the color to the top portion of your piece of scrap wood.  As you add more paint and move toward the lower portion of your board, load more of the color Cotton to your brush and less of the color The Gulf.  Swirl and blend it all the way to the bottom.  Let dry.
  • PRO TIP:  Always damper your brushes with your Spray Bottle before you add paint to them.
  • Now you will begin drawing the church.  This will be done with the color Cotton.  Watch the video below for help creating the shape of your church.
  • Next, dip a liner brush into the color Burlap and add some water to create an ink consistency.  Use that mixture to lightly outline the church and to add a cross to the top of the steeple.

Learn how to make your own DIY hand painted church! #rusticorchardhome #handpainted #springfarmhousehomedecor #easterdecorforthehome #farmhousediy

  • Continue to use the color Burlap and add a door to your church.  If you have some VooDoo Gel Stain, you can finger paint a little onto the door to add dimension.  Be sure to also use the Cotton to add a doorknob.
  • Next, use The Gulf to draw and fill in a stained glass window above the door and on the steeple.  To add the stained glass look, apply dots of Cotton, Burlap, Mint Julep and The Gulf and then use your pinky finger to mash the paint in order to create a marbled effect.  Let that dry and then use the watered down Burlap and your liner brush to outline your windows.
  • Finally, use the wooden end of your brush with the Mint Julep and Cotton to pounce some greenery around the base of the church.  Once you have your dots of paint in place, use your pinky to mash the paint around to create the shrub.  I also added the top of a tree to one side of my piece.

Learn how to create your own DIY Hand Painted Church below!

Want to add a little more charm to your DIY Hand Painted Church??  Learn how to add a stencil below!

Here’s what I used to add the words to my DIY Hand Painted Church:

I used Chalk Couture to add “He Is Risen” to the top of the church painting in the video above.  Chalk Couture is so easy to use and creates a high-end look without a high-end price tag!!  If you want to learn more about Chalk Couture, you NEED to be in my VIP Group on Facebook.  Click HERE to join me in my VIP Group today!  I’ll see you there!!

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Create your own DIY hand painted church with this simple Spring farmhouse decor DIY tutorial.  #rusticorchardhome #springfarmhousedecor #handpainteddecor #springdiy #handpaintedchurch

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