Learn to make your own DIY Wood Bead Garland on a budget with this easy tutorial. Adding a wood bead garland to your decor is the perfect farmhouse touch!!

Y’all know how I love to decorate with wood bead garlands and I get questions about mine all the time.  That’s why I decided to do a quick DIY Wood Bead Garland tutorial for you!  This is an easy crafting project that adds a bit of farmhouse charm to any space.  Let’s get started with the supplies you’ll need.

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Your Budget Friendly DIY Supplies List!!  Use the links below to grab all of your supplies!!!

How to paint your wood beads:

  • Start by pouring a bit of the Honky Tonk Red onto a plate.  The amount you pour depends on the number of beads you will be painting.  Now add a bit of water to your paint and stir it together.  The paint should be runny, but the color should still be bold.
  • Next, take your wood beads and roll them around in the paint until they are completely covered.
  • Now remove your beads from the paint with your dowel rod or skewer.  Be sure to tap off any drips and place them, while still on the rods, in a cup to dry.  Continue this process until all of your beads are painted and dry.  PRO TIP: If the hole in your bead is larger than your dowel or skewer, you can add a dab of hot glue on the end to help them stay in place. 

How to assemble your Wood Bead Garland:

  • You’ll begin by creating the tassels for your bead garland by wrapping your jute around your hand about 15 times.  You can also use a sanding block or piece of cardboard instead of your hand, if you’d prefer.  Once it’s all wrapped – slide the bundles off of your hand, cut it off of your jute roll and then cut through one end of the bundle you just made.
  • Next, you will cut the ribbon pieces that will be added to your jute bundle.  Be sure to cut them to the same length as your jute pieces and then you an add them to your bundle.  Once those are added, tie a piece of jute around the middle of your bundle.  You will end up with a short piece of jute that is added to the bundle and a long piece that you will begin stringing your beads to.  Make sure you leave an abundance of extra jute at the end for your garland.  It’s better to have too much, than not enough!

Let’s add the wood beads…….

  • Now we will start adding the beads.  Before you begin, add a piece of masking or painters tape to the end of your jute to keep it from getting frayed.  Now you can add your beads in whatever pattern you’d like.  I made my garland using 30 beads in a red, natural, white pattern.
  • At this point you will make a second tassel for the end of your garland using the same process as described above.  Once your tassel is ready, tie it as close as you can onto the end of your garland.
  • To finalize the tassels, you will wrap jute around the top end of each one, tie it in place and then add a little bit of hot glue for extra security.  Once this is done, you can trim any long pieces off of each one of the tassels you created in order to neatly finish off the look.

Learn to make your own DIY Wood Bead Garland below!!

Pro Crafting Tip – Buy ribbon at the end of the season when it’s on clearance.  Look for colors that you can use for other occasions – for example, you can pick up red ribbon after Valentine’s Day to use for your Patriotic or Christmas crafts later in the year!!

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