Let’s make a super easy Door Hanger DIY Craft that is sure to be the talk of your neighborhood!

During last year’s Countdown to Christmas Celebration, I made a Christmas Door Hanger DIY Craft that you all seemed to love!  So, just in time for the upcoming holiday season, I’ve decided to revisit that project and put a quick how-to post together for you. These instructions and the supplies list compliment the Facebook Live video that I added at the end of this post, but feel free to make your door hanger for any occasion you would like!  Simply modify the supplies as needed and you’ll be good to go! Let’s get started with what you will need for your project.

Door Hanger DIY Craft Supply List:

  • Wooden cut out from Hobby Lobby –  I used an ornament shape
  • Chalk Paint in colors that coordinate with your home
  • Chalk Couture Transfer, stencil or hand-lettering for the greeting
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Rustoleum Spray Paint – I used the color Metallic Gold
  • Gold Leaf
  • Metal Leaf Adhesive
  • Gold Metal Sealer
  • 3 coordinating ribbons – 2.5 inches wide or premade bow
  • Pipe Cleaner or Floral Wire
  • Measuring Mat
  • Chalk Couture Chalk Paste in coordinating color
  • Glitter
  • Small Squeegee and Large Squeegee from Chalk Couture

Door Hanger DIY Craft

Door Hanger Craft Instructions:

  • Create Base Coat Paint Layer ~ First, you will want to base coat the entire front surface of your wooden cut-out with chalk paint.  This will act as a base layer for the rest of the embellishments we are going to add.
  • Mask Off For Gold Spray Paint & Apply Spray Paint Layer ~ Once that base layer is dry, you will mark off the area where your greeting will be placed. I used a Chalk Couture transfer, but you can use any stencil you would like or even hand-lettering. We will use these marks as guides when taping off the piece for the next layer of paint. You can see in the video that I placed my transfer in the middle of my wooden cut-out and then made marks as to where I wanted it to be placed.  I then took my ruler and continued those lines across the front of the cut out so that I had a guide for taping. Now you can tape off your cut-out so that you leave the middle portion and the top portion revealed and ready for paint.  Once you have all your areas taped off, spray the un-taped spots with spray paint and let it dry according to directions on the paint can.
  • Mask Off For Stripes ~ Now we are going to tape off the top portion of the cut out (the part that is white) in order to create vertical stripes.  Using your painter’s tape as a guide, simply mask off the area in a striped pattern.
  • Add Adhesive For Gold Dots ~ Next, we will move onto the bottom portion of the ornament where we will be adding gold leaf polka dots.  Using a dobber, take small amounts of the gold leaf adhesive and create your dots. Once all of your adhesive dots are in place, you will need to set your project to the side in order for the adhesive to get tacky enough to hold the gold leaf.

Now….let’s add some stripes to our door hanger ~

  • Paint Black Stripes ~ Our next step is to paint the stripes on the top portion of the cut-out.  This will be done with chalk paint. Using a makeup sponge, dab the chalk paint and pounce it onto your ornament.  Be sure you are covering the area while not using a ton of paint in order to prevent bleeding. Two light coats are better than one globby one.  Now you can remove your tape and let everything dry.
  • Create Gold Leaf Dots ~ When your gold leaf adhesive has become tacky, you can start to apply the gold leaf.  You will want to rip small pieces of the gold leaf from the sheets and dab it onto the adhesive. Once all the gold leaf is on your surface, use a soft bristle paint brush to lift the loose gold leaf off of the piece.  This will reveal the dots. Take a look at how I do this in the video if you are new to gold leaf!
  • Add Greeting To Center ~ The final step is adding your greeting and glitter.  You will start this process by placing your transfer or stencil in the center of your cut-out.  It needs to be over the portion that was spray painted gold.  Now take your small squeegee and paint dabs of the Chalk Paste over the letters. Then use your large squeegee to spread the Chalk Paste over the entire word.  This only requires a thin layer of Chalk Paste, so let your squeegee remove all of the excesses. Now you can peel off your transfer or stencil and pour your glitter over the Chalk Paste.  Do this while it’s still damp.  You need to put the glitter on thick and tamp it into the Chalk Paste while it’s still wet. Once you have all the glitter in place, it’s time to remove the extra glitter off of your piece and reveal the final product.

To finish your piece, you will simply add a bow!  Need help with your bow making skills?  Get my Scrappy Bow Tutorial!! 

For full tutorial style instructions, you can watch the Facebook LIVE video below!

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