This Easter Bunny Craft is the perfect DIY home decor project for Spring! Find out how to make your own using this easy to follow tutorial!!

Dear Spring – We’re all anxiously awaiting your arrival!!  Please join us soon….Love, Tammy!!  Am I right when I say that we are all sooooo ready for Spring to be here?  Unfortunately, the weather may still say it’s winter, but this Easter Bunny Craft is making it feel like Spring has sprung over at my house!  Get your Dixie Belle Chalk Paint ready and create one of these adorable bunnies for your home today!  I’m going to give you a full supplies list and instructions – so the process will be super easy.  All you have to do is get creative and come craft with me.  Let’s get started!!

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Making your own Easter Decorations for the home is so easy with this Easter Bunny Craft from Tammy at Rustic Orchard Home! This budget-friendly DIY project is perfect for your Spring Farmhouse! Get the tutorial on the blog now! #rusticorchardhome #springhomedecor #easterbunny #eastercraft #easterhomedecor

Easter Bunny Craft Supplies List:

Easter Bunny Craft Tutorial:

  • To start your project, begin by applying a base coat to the entire pallet using the color Burlap from Dixie Belle.  I used the Dixie Belle Mini paint brush to make this part super fast and easy.
  • Once the base coat is dry, draw a silhouette image of a bunny on your board.  I used a pencil to do this part.
  • Now, you will use your Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in the color Cotton to fill in the bunny silhouette that you just drew.  Let your bunny dry completely before moving on.
  • Next, you will be stenciling the pattern on your bunny.  To do this part, I used painter’s tape to secure the stencil in place and then used the makeup sponge to apply the color Gulf to the bunny.  When stenciling, I pounce the paint onto my surface.  For this particular project, I did the stenciling with a very light hand. You can always adjust how much coverage you want, per your preference for the project.  Be creative and make it your own!  Continue moving the stencil around your surface until the entire bunny has been stenciled.
  • To finalize your bunny, add the bunny’s tail by gluing on the burlap rosette and attach a bow!

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