Are you looking for an Easter craft that is super easy? Let me show you how to create an adorable Easter Bunny that is perfect for Spring!

Well, I thought I was done with Easter crafts for the year, but when I got this adorable wooden bunny cut-out from Build-A-Cross I changed my mind.  This cut-out made this Easter Craft super easy because the details are etched in the wood.  That means you don’t have to free hand the details!  It’s kinda like those paint inside the lines crafts you did as a kid.  So easy, super fast and great for those of you who may not be confident with free hand painting!  Let’s get started!

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Easter Craft Supplies List:

Easter Craft Tutorial:

  • First, use the color Driftwood to apply a base coat layer to the entire surface.  PRO Tip – Be sure to mist your brush with water before you begin using it.  Let that layer dry before starting on your details.
  • Next, use your artist brush and the color Fluff to paint the inside of the bunny’s feet.
  • While the bunny’s feet dry, you can paint the flowers.  I used the colors Lucky Lavender, Apricot and Soft Pink and then used Daisy Yellow to fill in the center sections of the flowers.  For a finishing touch, I used the color Mint Julep to fill in the leaves.
  • Now, use the color Soft Pink to fill in the nose, the pads of the bunny’s feet and inside the bunny’s ears.
  • Once all of the colorful details dry, you may want to go over those areas again to smooth out any brushstrokes.
  • Finally, I used the the color Caviar to fill in the outlined spaces.  This makes all of your details pop!

Watch me create my Easter Bunny Craft below:

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