Are you looking to add some farmhouse glam to your home decor game?  If so, this DIY for adding texture to your decor is sure to do the trick!

We all love the farmhouse look, but sometimes we need to glam things up a bit!  Today, I’m going to share a simple DIY that can be used to add a touch of texture to your farmhouse glam home decor pieces.  This really is the perfect way to glam up your decor and add that farmhouse glam touch to any room.

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Let’s start by going over what you’ll need for this farmhouse glam texture DIY:

  • Spindles, or other home decor you’d like to add texture to
  • Plastic Beads
  • Hot Glue
  • Modeling Paste, Caulk or Dixie Bell Mud
  • Sand Paper
  • Dixie Belle Paint – I used the color Soft Pink

Farmhouse Glam

Now for the how-to part!  I started with an old set of spindles that I found in the barn.  You can use this texture technique on almost any surface, so feel free to apply it however you see fit!  Here are the basics of this DIY:

  • Start by choosing where you are going to apply your beads and measure off the beads so you can cut them to the appropriate size.
  • Next, attach your beads to the surface using a bit of hot glue.
  • Now you will need to use your modeling paste, caulk or Dixie Belle Mud to fill in the holes between the beads.  Be sure to use your fingers to not only fill all the holes, but the also smooth everything out and remove any excess filler product.
  • Once everything is dry, you will need to use some sandpaper to smooth the surface & remove any bumps.
  • Finally, you will paint the entire piece with the color of your choice.  I used Dixie Belle Paint in the color Soft Pink.

Watch this Facebook LIVE where I show you this process from start to finish!

There you have it!  A super simple (and cheap) way to add a little texture to your home decor and create that farmhouse glam look you love!  

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