Learn how to paint a pumpkin with this no-fail painting technique. This is something anyone can master with a little practice!

Once you learn how to paint a pumpkin with this freehand method, you will be ready to create all sorts of fantastic fall farmhouse decor!  Let me show you how to add pumpkins to all of your fall decor with this simple tutorial.

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Learn how to paint a pumpkin freehand with this simple fall farmhouse sign tutorial!

Supplies you’ll need:

I started this project with a Faux Shiplap Sign Blank from Twin Knob Woodworks.  The shiplap look is a groove cut into the board, giving it that classic look.  Wonderful product for sign makers, crafters and DIY-lovers to paint, stencil and chalk custom designs.  Exact measurements for each blank is 11 1/4” wide 22 1/2” long 3/4” thick.  I also opted to add the frame to the blank.

For the basecoat of the sign, I applied a layer of No Pain Gel Stain in the color Colonial Black.  Simply use a rag to apply and let dry before moving onto your next steps.


How to paint a pumpkin:

Once your surface is dry, you’ll want to grab all of your paint colors and your acrylic artist brushes.

Start by making an oval shape with the Chocolate Brown.

Then add “C” shaped strokes to create a large pumpkin shape.

Now, fill in with the Florida Orange.

Next, use the Fluff and Colonel Mustard colors to add highlights and dimension.

Now it’s time to paint the stem.  I used Coffee Bean and Chocolate, then highlighted with fluff some to add depth.

This stem painting technique is something I recently learned from my business coach Ashley Raetz.

To achieve the look, she explained that you need to “achor” the base of the stem to the very first oval shape you created with an arch shaped bit of paint.  Then create the stem shape up from there.  This really tucks the stem into the pumpkin and creates a very natural look.

Finally, use the Evergreen to add some curly vines.

Let’s add some finishing touches!

To finish off the sign, I used wooden word cutouts that I painted with the colors Fluff and a mixture of Florida Orange, Chocolate and a tiny bit of Barn Red to create a Rusty Orange look.

Once they were dry, I attached them to the sign using Gorilla Super Glue.

Watch me paint a pumpkin in the quick video tutorial below!

Here are a few other creative ways to use your new pumpkin painting skills!

As you can see here, I changed up the surface and colors to make another fun pumpkin themed sign.

And here’s an example using more traditional fall colors.

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