These easy pumpkin painting and free hand buffalo check techniques will help you create great looking fall home decor with just a few simple steps!

I recently had the pleasure of spending some time with my friend Do Dodson of Do Dodson Designs and boy did we have a blast!  When two creatives get together it’s always a fun time and you know we just had to get out our paint and whip up something cute.  Do wanted to learn how to paint free hand buffalo check – which you can watch here if you’d like.  And I decided I wanted to add something fall themed to the buffalo check, so I added a set of stacked hand painted pumpkins to the mix!!  Aren’t they adorable??

Pumpkin Painting

Creating this look is actually really simple.  All you need to learn are a few simple free hand painting techniques.  The first is an easy rustic buffalo check and the other is a basic pumpkin painting technique.  Let’s talk about supplies and then I’ll tell you how to free hand this look!

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Buffalo Check Painting Supplies

Do and I did a Facebook LIVE that shows this complete process, which you can watch here and here.  It’s actually pretty easy since it’s supposed to be rustic and imperfect!!  Don’t overthink it!!  This is a basic explanation of what we did:

  • We started by painting a base coat all over our board with the Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint in the color Cotton.
  • Next we mixed the Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint in Caviar & Cotton together to make a gray and began making our free-hand check pattern.
  • Once the gray check pattern was complete, we used the Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint in Caviar to fill in the squares where the gray overlapped.

Pumpkin Painting Supplies:

Here’s a quick run down of how I paint pumpkins:

  • For the stacked pumpkin look, we are going to begin by painting our largest bottom pumpkin.  You’ll want to start by making a large oval in the center of where your large pumpkin will be placed.  From there you will need to add a “C” shaped stroke on either side of your oval.  This will make the basic pumpkin shape we are looking for.
  • You will continue the process by adding a medium sized pumpkin on top of the large one and then a small one on top of the medium one.  Each pumpkin is created using that same basic pumpkin painting technique.
  • Once you have the basic shape of each pumpkin painted on, you will want to add a stem to the very top pumpkin.  This can be whatever stem shape you like!  Be creative!
  • Now you can go back and add some highlighting to all of your pumpkins if you’d like.  This step will give them dimension.  Watch the video below to get more details on how to highlight your pumpkins.
  • OPTIONAL STEP – Once all of my pumpkins were dry, I added a layer of Pearlescent Glaze to give them some shine.  This is totally optional!

Watch my Pumpkin Painting Tutorial below!!

For my pumpkins I used Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint colors.  My bottom pumpkin was painted in the color Terra Cotta, my middle pumpkin was done with Butter Cream and my top pumpkin is Duck Egg.  The optional Pearlescent Glaze is also a Dixie Belle product!

I hope this quick tutorial will help inspire you to create something fall-themed for your home as well!


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