Create a new Christmas family tradition with Santa’s Magic Key! Let me show you how to DIY your own key with a FREE printable and full instructions.

Christmas traditions are so special and something families looks forward to year after year.  If your home doesn’t have a fireplace or chimney, this DIY Santa’s Magic Key may be the perfect tradition to add to your list.  Simply leave the key for Santa so that he can enter your home without question.  OR,  make a bunch of these for your tree as fun ornaments!  Let me show you how!

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Start a new Christmas tradition with Santa's Magic Key! Find out how to make your own & get my free printable download! #rusticorchardhome #christmastraditions #santasmagickey #christmasdiy #christmascraft

Supplies you’ll need to create your own magic key:

Let’s create your Santa’s Magic Key!

  • Start by downloading and printing my FREE Santa’s Magic Key tag poem.  I would use something like the cardstock I linked above the make the tag a bit more substantial.  If making these as ornaments, you may not want to attach the poem to all of the keys.  It will all depend on how you want them to look on your tree.
  • Once the tag is printed, you will need to cut it out and punch a hole in the end.
  • Next, attach your key to the tag using some twine, string or ribbon.
  • Once your key is attached to the tag, feel free to embellish your project with tassels, charms, extra keys and ribbons.  You can make your key as fancy as you’d like!
  • PRO TIP:  Plan to have “Santa” add a special charm or other embellishment to the key each year when he visits.  This will give your kids or grandkids something fun to look forward to every Christmas morning!!

Start a new Christmas tradition with Santa's Magic Key! Find out how to make your own & get my free printable download! #rusticorchardhome #christmastraditions #santasmagickey #christmasdiy #christmascraft

How will you make your magical key special?  Be sure to show me you finished keys on Facebook!  You can also find more of my DIY ideas by following me on Instagram and Pinterest!

Get your FREE Santa’s Magical Key Printable Download HERE!

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