Here you will find creative items to inspire you in decorating your space.  All of our items are sold in limited quantities because they are original pieces and we have limited stock to work with.  Some of the items you see will be re-purposed furniture components as well as odds & ends we may pick up while out on a picking adventure.  We hope you find that unique piece that sets your space apart.

There are 2 ways to be creative and have fun with chalk couture.  The first is to simply purchase your products retail through the website. The second is to become a designer. When you sign up to become a designer you get 40% off of all your chalk couture products. You also get a one-time use coupon for 50% off retail after your sign up and get your starter kit. This is a great way to stock up on inventory.

Our tutorials are available to help inspire you to paint create and decorate a beautiful home.  Use the tutorials to help bring out your Creative Inspiration for All Things Home.

Murfreesboro  Arkansas

Murfreesboro  Arkansas

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