Chalk Couture offers Simple DIY Home Decor solutions that you are going to love! These projects are easy to create, affordable and high end quality!

It’s so easy to create simple DIY home decor with Chalk Couture products!  I absolutely love that anyone can use these products and create something beautiful for their home.  Today, I’m going to show you how to create a simple “Hello” sign using Chalk Couture.  Let’s get started!

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You’ll need to get some basic Chalk Couture supplies in order to create simple DIY home decor like the “Hello” sign above.  Here’s what I used to make the sign:

Learn how to create simple DIY home decor – “Hello” sign tutorial:

  • To begin creating your “Hello” sign using Chalk Couture, tape off the sides where you will add the vertical stripes.  This is actually an extra step that does not require a Chalk Couture transfer.  If you don’t want to add the stripes, you can just omit this step.
  • Once your vertical stripes are taped off, you will be able to center your “Hello” transfer in the middle of your box frame surface.  Here’s a Pro Tip – Before you use a transfer for the first time you will want to “fuzz” the backing so that it isn’t too sticky.  To “fuzz” your transfer, simply apply the sticky side to the fuzzing cloth and remove.  Now your transfer is ready for application.
  • Now that your transfer is in place, used your squeegee to apply the Chalkology Paste.  This is super easy.  Just scoop some Chalkology Paste onto your squeegee, cover the transfer area and then wipe back any extra.  Another Pro Tip – You can put all of the extra paste back into the jar for other projects!
  • Next, you will remove your transfer and add the stripes to the sides of your framed surface.  Do this by applying your Chalkology Paste to the areas where you’d like the stripes and wipe back any extra paste.
  • Finally, remove the masking tape to reveal the stripes and your finished product!

Wasn’t that the easiest DIY home decor project you’ve ever done!  If you’d like to learn more about Chalk Couture, be sure to join my VIP Group on Facebook.  That’s where I do bonus project tutorials, offer discounts and share my best tips & tricks!!

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