Upcycled books make great farmhouse decor!! Learn how to paint and embellish old books with this step-by-step budget friendly DIY tutorial!

Today I have another thrift store farmhouse home decor idea that I think y’all are going to love – Upcycled Books!!  With just a little paint and a stencil I was able to create budget friendly pieces that I can use throughout my home.  Let me show you how I did it!

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Supplies you’ll need for this upcycled books DIY include:

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How To Paint & Embellish Old Books – Quick Tutorial:

  • To begin, paint the entire outside cover of your book with the color Drop Cloth from Dixie Belle.  Be sure to get all of the edges of the book.  Let that dry.
  • Next, lightly sand the surface that you just painted to ensure there are no rough spots or other imperfections in your paint.
  • Now it’s time to add the embellishment.  To do this, I first taped off part of the Large Floral Band Stencil that would not fit on the spine of the book.  Then, I went over the stencil with the Dixie Mud while holding the stencil in place.  The Dixie Mud product gives the embellishment raised texture since it builds on top of the surface.  Remove the stencil and let dry.
  • To finalize your project you can either leave the embellishment brown (the color of th Dixie Mud) or you can paint over it for a monochromatic look.  You can see the finished project both ways below.

PRO TIP:  Dixie Mud comes in three colors – brown, black and white.  Choose whichever color is going to best fit the look you are trying to achieve.

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