Add paint, glitter or a vintage Christmas feel to these blank wooden Christmas trees and create DIY Christmas décor that fits your style.

Today I want to show you just a few of the possibilities you have when creating DIY Decor with blank wooden Christmas trees from Twin Knobs Woodworks.  These 3D trees are perfect sitting on a shelf for Christmas time and could also be used as winter decor once the holidays are over.  Keep reading for three fun ideas using this set!

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DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Decor

Supplies you’ll need to create your own set of Wooden Christmas Trees:

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the Wooden Christmas Trees set that I used.  These are from my trusted “Wood Guys” at Twin Knobs Woodworks and can be purchased in their shop HERE.

Raw Wood Christmas Tress

Idea #1:  Stain & Stencil

Staining wooden Christmas trees

Begin by staining all sides of the tree with No Pain Gel Stain in the color Walnut.  I apply this product with a clean cloth.

Stenciled wooden Christmas Trees

Once the stain is dry, you can add your stencil.  I used a Polka Dot pattern and applied Dixie Belle Chalk Paint in the Color fluff using a makeup sponge.  Be sure to pounce the color onto your stencil in thin, even layers until you reach your desired coverage.

Stenciled wooden Christmas Trees

Polka dot wooden Christmas Trees

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Decor

Idea #2: Simply Paint

This is an easy one y’all.  Simply paint all sides of the tree in your color of choice!  I used the color Fluff for mine.

Painting wooden Christmas trees

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Decor

Idea #3: Distress

This final idea is super easy and will create a pretty distressed Vintage Christmas look!

Applying wax to wooden Christmas trees

You’ll want to begin with your tree stained and dry.  Then add Dixie Belle Wax to the edges and anywhere else on the surface where you’d like to see distressing.

Staining wooden Christmas trees

Once your wax is applied, add a coat of paint.  I used the color Fluff and let dry.   Once your paint is dry, use painter’s tape to lift the color from the areas where you applied the wax.

Distressing wooden Christmas trees

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Decor

DIY Wooden Christmas Tree Decor

These are really just a few simple ideas for these wooden tree blanks.  You could use glitter, 3D embellishments like stars or ornaments or add some faux snow to the edges.  The possibilities are endless!!

How will you be embellishing your wooden Christmas trees?  Be sure to share your finished projects with me by tagging @rusticorchardhome on Facebook and @rustic_orchard_home on Instagram!  AND ind me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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